Renewal Landscape is Changing


When it comes to renewal, we’ve seen it all. After the next two approaching renewal cycles, Pasek Consulting will have supported charter schools through 50 renewal submissions. Over the years, requirements for renewal applications have changed, and it is now clear that authorizers know as much about your school’s data as you do, if not more. There are few surprises when it comes to the submission of your renewal application.

Renewal Mindset

Renewal is no longer just a simple submission of scores and a site visit. Rather, schools can significantly upgrade their renewal candidacy by reviewing performance against renewal benchmarks many years in advance. Time and again, many charter schools still consider renewal to be a burdensome exercise near the very end of their charter term. Too many don’t look at it until a year before it is due.

Advanced Planning to Fix Gaps

Forward-looking schools start studying what is required for renewal the minute their charter term begins. Yes, we can help when schools call us less than a year before their renewal is due, but there is little time to help identify and fix the gaps you have, if you have them. If you understand what a high quality renewal candidate will look like from the start, you and your consultant can help strengthen areas of weakness long before your renewal year.

Slow and Steady

A much less expensive and smarter alternative to thinking about renewal late in the game is a slow and steady approach to continuously track your renewal progress for your entire charter term. This way, there is enough time for the consultant to alert the school of significant academic, organizational, operational, fiscal or governance weaknesses that can be fixed before the school is up for renewal.

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