Our mission is to help charter schools excel by providing support that will allow administrators to focus on academics and culture.

To execute this mission, Pasek Consulting is committed to providing high-quality renewal documents, board development, and federal funds management to our partner schools.  We undertake extensive research through observation, interviews, and data analysis.  Pasek Consulting’s approach is to begin research and data collection far in advance of a school’s renewal deadline.  A renewal is not a project that schools should begin three months before the due date. Our long-term approach allows us to display a school’s growth over time, and if administration turns over, there is no “knowledge loss” for the Board because our team will have documented all important milestones and struggles that have been overcome. Our long-term approach also offers room for improvement: Pasek Consulting can alert a school leader or Board to any red flags that may need attention several years before submitting the renewal document.

Pasek Consulting has the resources to meet the needs of our New York City partner schools while maintaining close relationships with all Authorizers and grant offices.

For more information, please contact us at or call 518 505-5361.