Our charter school consulting services are designed to help boards and school leaders sustain successful schools. We provide consulting for charter schools in every stage of operation, from schools in their planning year to schools applying for second, third, and fourth charter terms.  Schools contract with Pasek Consulting for both recurring retainer relationships, or project-based activities such as renewal writing, board development, or creating an effective strategic plan.

Annual Retainer Services

The renewal cycle is an active, dynamic process that should be used to improve your organization every school year. We partner with schools to offer proactive authorizer relations and provide the latest in renewal information, trends, and insight schools might not otherwise be tracking.  This list below identifies the most common activities in our annual retainer relationship.

Strategic Planning

Every charter school should be operating under a strategic plan.  Pasek Consulting works with boards to establish this straight-forward document that can be handed to financial lenders and authorizers, as well as prospective enrolling families, employees, board members and donors.  It shows the reader exactly where the school intends to be for the next decade.  Our strategic planning takes approximately 3-4 months, involving an initial half-day board retreat, considerable data analysis and needs assessment from the Pasek team and leadership, and a set of recommendations to the board.  Once recommendations are accepted, Pasek Consulting writes the plan for full implementation.

Renewal Application Process

Pasek Consulting specializes in the renewal application process. We save school leaders from the administrative burden of the renewal application, which takes months of work to assemble. We work closely with school leaders throughout the entire renewal application process: honing talking points, analyzing academic data, writing the narrative, and preparing for the visit and interview. We help teams focus on what matters most, and understand their options in securing an optimal outcome for the future of the school.

Federal Funds Management

Pasek Consulting fully supports retainer customers with the management of all federal funds, including ESSA title funds, (COVID) ESSER 1,2,3, and the Charter Schools Program Grant (CSP).  Management includes all acquisition, reporting, collection and reconciliation activities.