Daniel Pasek Consulting was born out of my professional frustration with the overwhelming demands placed on charter school administrators. As a charter school business manager from 2002 to 2005, I experienced first hand the collision of daily operational responsibilities and ever-evolving annual activities that face charter schools. In this position, I witnessed two things happen with my peers.  First, compliance requirements went overlooked and schools were quickly deemed non-compliant under charter school and federal law, ultimately jeopardizing their opportunity for renewal. Second, as school leaders became inundated with administrative tasks that fell outside of their core responsibilities, attrition increased.  They simply couldn’t do what they believed they were hired to do.  Individuals were quickly burning out and moving on.

I realized the importance of outsourcing peripheral, yet necessary and critical tasks. I started an independent consulting firm in 2006 with the goal of supporting schools in the very same activities that once overtaxed me. In 2006, I began working with just a few charter schools in Albany, Bronx and Buffalo. From 2007 through 2011, we continued to build our team and expanded to serve several additional charter schools in Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. Now, we serve approximately twenty schools per year.

We emphasize quality support and continuous communication with our partners and maintain that the most effective collaborations occur through responsive, professional, and face-to-face engagement. When a school and consultant agree to work together on something as important as a school’s renewal, the consultant better be willing to exceed expectations. To us this means in-person contact, prompt response, honest and constructive feedback and high quality, deadline-driven work.